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I am looking for someone to relax and have fun with. They need to be willing to put up with my quirky sense of humor. I am a PhD student in structural engineering. I am motivated but spend plenty of time kicking back. I rarely take life too seriously. I am just as content at a fancy restaurant or eating Chinese food on the couch. I like spending time with friends, and looking for someone to do the same.


I am looking for someone who enjoys trying new things (especially food). She should be fun and intelligent. She should be able to hold an intelligent conversation. If this sounds at least 51% like you, drop me a message.



I love to laugh. I am a high-spirited and energetic person who is always ready to try something new and have some fun. Oh, and did I mention I love to laugh? I’m a hard worker who throws myself wholeheartedly into everything I do. Graduate school and research keeps me quite busy, but I love it. When I’m not working I spend my time with my family and friends, who are the most important thing in my life. I feel a good time can be had doing anything so long as you surround yourself with people you love.

I’m a do-er, I like going to concerts, the movies, canoeing, traveling, trying new foods, going on road trips, and going to local festivals (I’ve been to the Taste of Chicago every year I’ve been alive). I am looking for someone who will enjoy doing these things with me. I can also appreciate a quiet night in relaxing from a busy day. If you have a good sense of humor, enjoy going out and doing activities, highly value family and friends, and are an easy conversationalist, you are just what I am looking for.

Their First Date

Dan and Ashley have Chemistry together…both figuratively and literally

After months of witty banter via email Dan finally asked Ashley out. Their first date was at Boltini Lounge on February 10th 2010. Coincidentally, it was drag night, which made for some very interesting conversation. After a few dates Dan and Ashley were talking about courses they had taken in undergrad. Dan mentioned that he took Chemistry 101 his freshman year. Ashley said that she too had taken Chemistry, but that it was one of those crazy sections that only had 20 students and was all discussion with a TA instead of one of those 200 person lectures. Dan said that he too had taken that type of Chemistry class. After further investigation they found out they were in the exact same Chemistry class their freshman year.

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