Background Information

For those of you who don’t know Ashley too well, it is important that you know that she loves fireworks. Ashley has dragged many of friends and family all over Illinois and Wisconsin to see “the best” 4th of July fireworks display.

For those of you who don’t know Dan very well, it is important that you know that he loves to play with gadgets, especially his DSLR camera. While he might not know what all the settings do, he has fun tinkering with them. Even if it means spending the whole evening trying to take pictures of fireworks, rather than actually enjoying the show…

The Proposal

(narrated by Sophia Petrillo)

Picture it, Champaign, July 4th 2013…

This year Ashley and Dan invited Nick (Dan’s old roommate) and Becky to watch the fireworks in front of Assembly Hall (They refuse to refer to it as “The StateFarm Center). Ashley was getting into her usual pre-firework excitement. when Dan said, “Put on your best dress, we are going out on a date night.” Ashley was a little upset because a nice dress was not the proper attire when going to watch the fireworks display, but they hadn’t had a date night in a while, so she put on a new dress and got ready for a night out on the town.

As they were driving downtown for dinner Ashley inquired as to where Nick and Becky were meeting up with them for dinner. Dan explained that it was just going to be the two of them for dinner, to which Ashley thought it was a bit rude to invite them for fireworks but not for dinner. Dan insisted they didn’t care, Ashley to this day, is not convinced. They ate a lovely meal outside, but then it started to get cold. Ashley, taking after her mother, knew she was going to be cold for the fireworks display so she asked Dan to take her home before the fireworks started so she could get a sweater. Dan was however very concerned about getting to Assembly Hall early enough to get a good spot and didn’t want Nick and Becky to be waiting on them. It took quite the bit of persuasion, but Dan eventually agreed to drive back to the condo so Ashley could get a sweater.

While at the condo Ashley decided that since she was here, and they already had dinner, she would change into something more comfortable to wear while sitting on the ground. Dan insisted that Ashley remain in her dress, he was going to stay in his nice clothes so she should too. Ashley thought easy for Dan to say, either way he is sitting on the ground in pants, but if it really meant that much to him, she would stay in her dress. Ashley grabbed a sweater, and off they went.

Dan parked the car and as Ashley was getting out of the car, she saw Dan getting his camera and tripod out of the trunk. This greatly perturbed Ashley, as last year when Dan brought out the camera for the fireworks display they spent most of the night figuring out how to take pictures of fireworks…which didn’t turn out…and they missed much of the show. Ashley pleaded with Dan to leave the camera in the car so that this year they could actually enjoy the show. Dan was resolute, he was bringing the camera. He tried to assure Ashley that unlike last year, this year he was more concerned about things in front of the fireworks, rather than the fireworks themselves. Ashley was not convinced.

Dan and Ashley joined up with Nick and Becky by Assembly Hall and everyone got situated for the show. While Ashley and Becky were laying out blankets and chatting, Dan was setting up his tripod and camera and Nick was setting up his camera as well. Ashley and Becky both looked at the boys and shook their heads. Finally it got dark, and the fireworks started.

Dan told Nick and Becky to get up he wants to take a picture of them in front of the fireworks. After Dan took a couple of good shots, Nick gave his camera to Becky, and he got behind Dan’s camera. Dan then asked Ashley to get up so Nick could take a picture of the two of them. Ashley begrudgingly got up while stating, “Alright, lets make this quick so that we can actually enjoy the show.” Nick took some pictures, and after Ashley felt he had taken enough she started to walk back to the blanket. Dan then grabbed Ashley by the waist, and pulled her back. Ashley looked at Dan, he kissed her on her forehead, and then he got down on both knees.



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