Reverend Dr. Nicholas Wierschem is originally from Arizona. However, his family has roots in Joliet. He did his undergraduate at the University of Arizona and earned a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Structural Engineering.

Dan and Nick lived together for the majority of their graduate studies in Savoy. There, they shared many common interests such as structural engineering, tinkering with electronics, Mario Kart, eating ranch dressing mixed with Parmesan cheese, staying up late for space launches, RC helicopters, and the newton cat.

Nick was present during Dan’s search for an internet-gal, “Who Wants to Be Dan’s Girlfriend” (TM Matt Eatherton). Being the (engineering) ladies man that he is, he assisted with developing Dan’s profile, and witty remarks with the girls. Therefore, he has witnessed Dan and Ashley’s relationship from the beginning.

However, eventually Nick left the nest to live with his wife, Becky. Nick and Dan still keep in touch and occasionally join for a game of Starcraft.

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The Big Day September 12, 2014
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