Aylin Selcukoglu – Maid of Honor

AylincircleAylin and Ashley have been friends since 7th grade, and their friendship even survived living together in the dorms at the University of Illinois. While they have not lived close to each other since graduation, their friendship has only grown stronger. The distance has also affected Ashley’s mom, Kathy. Kathy is constantly telling Ashley that she needs to share Aylin so she can come over for Family Game Night.

Michelle Pettigrew – Matron of Honor

michellecircleMichelle is Ashley’s cousin, but she feels more like a sister to Ashley. Ashley remembers her disappointment when visiting Michelle in the hospital when she was born, learning that she could not take Michelle home with her. Ashley has fond memories of summers spent together, several birthday parties, and crazy trips visiting each other at college.

Lauren Visher – Bridesmaid

laurencircleLauren, tu es ma roche. For those of you who didn’t take French in high school, Lauren is Ashley’s rock. The two often joke that they have sympathy pains for each other. They also like to go through major life changes together, like getting engaged and soon to be married just a month apart from each other. It is most certain if this pattern continues they will have babies at the same time too!

Jordan Levey – Bridesmaid

jordancircleJordan is Ashley’s partner in crime. These two ladies were living the high life in graduate school; going out to bars, enjoying some Jarlings custard cup, relaxing at each others apartments watching Millionaire Matchmaker, oh and going to class. These two were even able to sneak in a trip to Kenya. While good times are always had when Jordan is around, currently the bar Jordan is concerned with is the bar exam!

Alison Thompson – Bridesmaid

alisoncircleAlison is the person you want in your corner, she is one of the most supportive people Ashley has had the pleasure to call a friend. Alison is also able to give great advice on life experiences. Alison is also the best record keeper. She seems to have the best photos that can truly transport you back in time. Which has turned into a great career. Alison’s daughter Gloria is also the flower girl. She will be the most adorable two-year-old running down the isle.

Alexandrea Tuccori – Bridesmaid

alexcircleAshley fondly refers to her cousin Alexandrea as “My Baby.” Ashley would look forward to her extended visits and would love to show Alexandrea off to her friends. In high school Alexandrea competed in cheer leading and Ashley was always eager to see Alex compete at State. Now her “baby” is all grown-up living the fun life of a 21 year old college student at Purdue.



Ian Adams – Best Man
group circle

Ian and Dan met while pledging Lambda Chi Alpha the University of Illinois. Ian possessed the necessary transportation to secure late night chicken wings. Ian and Dan lived together their Junior year. Since then, they have kept in touch with annual ski trips.


Evgueni Filipov – Groomsman

pit 2 cicleDan and Evgueni met while sharing an office during graduate school. They shared a passion for brewing (and drinking) beer, and honing their Counter Strike skills at work. Evgueni also joins in on the annual skiing festivities.


Alex Freeman – Groomsman

awedding circleAlex was also a fellow pledge of Lambda Chi Alpha at the University of Illinois who shared an affinity for chicken wings. Dan and Alex lived together in the Senior House, much to their parents dismay. Alex is responsible for Dan’s passion for Radiohead, Wilco, and the Arcade Fire. Dan officiated the wedding of Alex to his wife Amanda. He has also recently joined the annual ski trip.

Dan Fietterer – Groomsman

slap 2 circleDan met Fitz in Lambda Chi Alpha. The two of them lived together for three years during undergrad and graduate school. However, due to a lack of other friends, and a general lack of entropy, they quickly converged on a similar suite of conversation topics and jokes. Therefore, when exposed to others, would often mirror each other’s speech. Both Dans share a passion for mediocre golfing.

Mark Denavit – Groomsman

damn circleMark was Dan’s left-hand man in the office at graduate school. They worked together on structural engineering research, of which Dan got more credit than he deserved. However, they share a passion for vector graphics, and stay in touch at conferences.

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